Amaq, the official news agency of ISIS or Daesh terrorist group is informing its users about a potential compromise in the security of its website. According to them, the site has been hacked by Anonymous hackers and is now infecting thousands of users.

ISIS或Daesh恐怖组织官方通讯社的Amaq正在向用户通报其网站安全性的潜在妥协。 据他们介绍,该网站已经被匿名者黑客入侵,现在正在感染成千上万的用户。

When visiting the site, the following message keeps appearing: “The site ahead contains malware, and that attacker might attempt to install dangerous programs on your computer that steal or delete your information.”


It seems that site’s administrators had identified the hack on Thursday, told the media through a telegram channel and warned users not to download the flash player appearing on the site. They said “Please be warned,” as the request to download flash player will result in the compromise of users devices.

网站管理员似乎星期四发现了这个黑客,通过电报频道告诉媒体,并警告用户不要下载网站上出现的Flash播放器。 他们说“请警告”,因为下载Flash播放器的请求将导致用户设备的折中。

Vocativ reports that several ISIS forums have also reported about the incident, and according to a few forum users, the virus was impersonating as a Flashplayer.apk. APK (Android package kit), an Android operating system file format. They further claimed that the malware is designed to spy on the ISIS terrorist group’s members and that the malware could track user’s locations, read conversations and collect all the multimedia files on the user’s device.

Vocativ报告说,几个ISIS论坛也报告了事件,根据一些论坛用户,该病毒被假冒为Flashplayer.apk。 APK(Android软件包套件),Android操作系统文件格式。 他们进一步声称恶意软件旨在监视ISIS恐怖组织的成员,恶意软件可以跟踪用户的位置,阅读会话并收集用户设备上的所有多媒体文件。

Since the virus disguised as a Flash Player APK file, thousands of users are supposedly compromised. One user also suggested that to get rid of the malware, one needs to reset the device to factory settings.

由于病毒伪装成Flash Player APK文件,因此数以千计的用户被认为是受到威胁的。 一位用户还建议,为了摆脱恶意软件,需要将设备重置为出厂设置。

So far, no group has claimed the responsibility of the hack, but it is believed that could be an anti-ISIS group running operation ISIS, #OPISIS is behind this hack. The people behind #OPISIS- an anonymous- affiliated anti-ISIS online campaign have been known to disrupt the ISIS’ online presence over the past few years. The fact that hackers left a message stating “We are coming for you,” could confirm that they are behind the hack.

到目前为止,没有一个组织声称有这个黑客的责任,但相信可以是一个反ISIS集团OP ISIS,#OPISIS是这个黑客的背后。 OPISIS背后的人们已经知道匿名附属的反ISIS在线广告系列在过去几年中扰乱了ISIS的网络存在。 事实上,黑客们留下了一个消息,指出“我们正在为你而来”,可以证实他们是在黑客的背后。

Remember, this is not the first time. In 2015, Anonymous group hacked ISIS website on Dark Web and defaced it with a viagra advertisement

记住,这不是第一次。 在2015年,匿名黑客组织攻击了ISIS网站,并用恶魔广告玷污了它。


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